Highly accurate forecasting tool for enhanced accessibility and crew safety

Making safe crew transfers is vital to all operational offshore businesses.

Ensuring operations and maintenance crew can transfer to turbines to carry out work is one of the most hazardous aspects of offshore procedures.

By combining metocean data with vessel tracking data, WAVES produces accurate localised assessment of safe conditions for vessel to turbine transfers.

This powerful predictive technology can be applied globally to any operational offshore wind farm to support safer and data-driven decision making.


Recover losses estimated to be worth up to £1 million per installed GW every year

WAVES™ is supporting the management of one of the most hazardous aspects of offshore operations and helping to reduce losses estimated at £25 million per year across the industry.

Make the best decision possible, everytime.


Powered by A.I. and you

Move away from static transfer decision metrics

Assessing when it's safe for crew transfers is extremely complex, it's not just a single metric. It's an assessment that changes site by site, location by location. It's a challenge faced on a daily basis by operational staff who are under immense pressure to deliver.

The WAVES solution integrates powerful A.I. technology with your own operational data and has been shown to provide an improved transfer decision metric compared to the industry’s standard.


A safer, data driven way to manage offshore O&M

Highly accurate, localised assessment of safe conditions for vessel to wind turbine transfers, anywhere on the globe

Forecast accessibility

Combining metocean with AI for cutting-edge condition assessment forecasting

Owned by you

WAVES™ learns from your technicians to support your site better and is flexible to your site-specific requirements and processes

Vessel specific assessments

Customisable for vessel specific condition accessibility assessment

Accuracy like no other system

Create location specific models to maximise accessibility and optimise your maintenance scheduling

Modular connectivity

Integrate as many data sources as you need, make WAVES your one-stop solution

Military-grade security

All of Cognitive’s systems are designed to the highest and most stringent security standards. That's one less thing for you to worry about.

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