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We deliver solutions focussed on helping you integrate artificial intelligence into your asset centric business.
IIOT, ML, AI - what are they and how can you get value from them?

Machine Learning Fundamentals and Workshop (1 Day)

Learn the fundamental principles and how they can be applied to your business.

  • Machine Learning and A.I. are hot topics right now especially with digitalisation but how can your business get value from it.
  • This one day course helps you learn the fundamental principles of Machine Learning, helping you understand how to put this technology to use for you.
  • Through an innovative data-driven solutions workshop we will help you to see more value through the use of your data to solve your actionable problems.
  • Action through data: understand, learn, adapt, create.

Good explanations of what machine learning could (and perhaps more importantly could not) do

Course delegate
Site Engineer, Uniper

Machine Learning Fundamentals, Workshop and Data Review (2+7 Days)

The fundamentals plus insight into your data problems.

  • Building on the one day course, we can take a more proactive approach, and show you how to solve your issues through Machine Learning.
  • We can take a problem identified on day one and work with you to apply Machine Learning to your data in a 7 day offline data review.
  • Then on a second day (7 days later) we will work through some more fundamental machine learning principles. In the afternoon we will “show and tell” taking you through your data problem, helping you truly see the value from Machine Learning in your business.

Our goal is to make Machine Learning real for your business and drive value through actionable insight.

“Very engaging - which is fantastic given the mathematical nature of the course"
Ops Engineer


Data Driven Solutions Workshop (1/2 day)

Clear, actionable, insight solutions.

Using the Cognitive Solution Model Canvas we will work with you to help you understand how to put together your ideas in a focused and actionable way. There is no point to a solution in business if it can’t create value - learn the 6-steps to value and how they can be leveraged to quickly generate solutions from problems that will function across your entire enterprise.

Transform your business. Unleash the power of digital through data driven solutions.

Using ML on real data was a good demonstration of the potential for applying it on other systems.

Course delegate
Performance Engineer, Uniper

Machine Learning Data Review (2 meetings, 7+ days)

Intelligent, actionable, insight.

Driving value from Machine Learning can sometimes feel like a mountain to climb. Working with you on the cognitive 6-steps to insight process we will help you to define a real problem and identify the key data associated. There is no point to a solution in business if it can’t create value. We help you target your resolvables not your unsolvables, and generate a real answer to your problem.

In a final presentation meeting we will present back the methods and key techniques used for you to implement your solution yourselves or we can help you start to scope a suitable implementation plan.

A small step towards a more intelligent future.

“... a good insight into how machine learning could benefit our business, and helped us focus in areas where it is likely to deliver tangible rewards - thank you"


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